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Discover Brno online on 21.11.

 Did you miss our last online event Meet Brno online? Do not worry, you can participate in the second edition. We are organizing the online meeting on Saturday (21.11.)

Are you new in Brno? Are you searching for a new opportunities what you can experience here? Join our online meeting. Are you wondering about useful information for newcomers about residence legislation, employment, business, education, healthcare and social insurance or housing? You will get original ideas what do do in Brno and where to meet people who are also new in Brno.

You will hear about opportunities in NGO sector, how to organise your own projects and where to get money for them, find a motivation to be an active citizen or more about your future development. 

If you would like to join our online meeting, register yourself:

Before the meeting, you will recieve the link for online meeting. Looking forward to meet you!


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This video was created as an outcome of “Meet Brno in Brno for you” community project by a group our young volunteers who organized meetings to motivate young people (especially newcomers in Brno) to be active in the society and provide them with practical tools to support the integration of foreigners in the local community. Check out the outcomes of the project! The Booklet, Podcasts and City game you can find here:…/meet-brno-in-brno-for-you/  as well as the blog of the project. Enjoy! 

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 AFTER MY ARRIVAL, MY FIRST STEPS SHOULD LEAD TO ... 01 Registration at the Foreign police department, or in special cases to the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policy within 3 - 30 working days depends on if you come from the EU or not. 02 Make sure you are registered for health insurance which is an essential step for gaining a visa. Health insurance is either commercial or state. if you have a full working contract you are automatically insured by your employer. 03 Be aware of the type of residence (visa-free relations, short-term visa, long-term visa, long-term residence permit or permanent residence) and do not forget to renew the validity of your visa or residence permit for the Czech Republic in time! Introduction to the individual types of residence you can find here: . 04 Within one year of arrival in the country you are supposed to complete an integration course (for some nationalities it's even obligatory!) www.vite