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Meet Brno - December Sunday in nature

In the project Meet Brno in Brno for you, we decided to show newcomers in Brno beautiful nature. On December 20, we met the participants at the last bus stop to Mariánské údolí. We headed in the direction of Jeníkův mlýn. During the walk we got to know each other and talked about different topics. We discussed what we can do in Brno and also what non-profits we can participate in as volunteers. There was also talk about personal development, the participants even shared with us their intentions for business. We have created a group on Facebook, which is intended for newcomers in Brno. The group really came to life after the event, we shared interesting links with each other, such as the Erasmus opportunity for young entrepreneurs, information about volunteering opportunities and then tips from another barrel - the top ten Czech films on Netlifx. In the project Meet Brno in Brno for you, we have prepared a brochure that should help newcomers in Brno to better integrate into communit
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Meet Brno - December Saturday in the city

In the Meet Brno in Brno for you project, we organized another meeting on 19 December. This time we met the participants face to face. On the day of the event, a meeting of six people was allowed. For this reason, we were divided into smaller groups, where each group had its leader from Brno for you. Our event was intended for newcomers in Brno. On Saturday morning we met in Lužánky, where we met through fun name games. The weather wasn't bad, so we moved to Volunteer Center 67. We continued with dating games that helped us break the ice and we could share experiences with life in Brno. We discussed different topics depending on who was interested. Participants exchanged experiences, advice and tips. After lunch, we went in divided groups to the city, where the participants were waiting for an adventurous search for magical places in Brno. Through the Action Bound application, together with Harry Potter, they searched for the mysterious places of Brno. We ended our meeting by talki

GO OUT & MEET BRNO nature this Sunday

  Are you new in Brno? Are you bored with your daily stereotype? Would you like to see the beautiful nature of Brno and meet new people?Then come and join us on Sunday 20th Decembe r. We’re going for a walk in the surrounding of Mariánské údolí accompanied by interesting talks in English, getting to know new people and of course a good mood!  To feel comfortable take some good shoes, a snack, and something to drink with you. Since there are some restrictions due to COVID-19, the capacity is limited and we also want to ask you to take your face mask with you  If you have decided to come, please fill this short application form so we can count with you:

GO OUT & MEET BRNO city this Saturday

  Are you new in Brno? Are you searching for new opportunities that you can experience here? Would you like to meet new people?Then come to join us on Saturday 19th December. You will get new ideas about what to do in Brno through action bound, meet people who are also new in Brno and have fun.  Workshops will be in the English language, it doesn’t matter if you are Czech or a foreigner. Food will be provided. Since there are some restrictions due to COVID-19, the capacity is limited. We also ask you to take your face mask with you.If you have decided to come, please fill this short application form so we can count with you:

Report: The second Meet Brno online for volunteers

On Saturday, November 21, we have organized the second meeting of Meet Brno online. This time we were much more confident in the online space. And who were our participants? Foreign volunteers and students who are new in Brno. We arranged the meeting in the Zoom application. We have prepared fun get to know each other games and thematic workshop for the participants. Thanks to everyone who participated. Did you miss the online workshop? Never mind, we are planning another full of workshops and informal education before the Christmas holidays. And we will meet live this time :)!

Local volunteering

Helping in your local community The number of volunteer opportunities in Brno and Jihomoravský region is immense. Surely you will find the right one for you! All you have to do is to contact a volunteer center DC 67 based on Bratislavska street nr. 26 in Brno ( ). They have a database of organisations where it is possible to volunteer and will help you to find the one where you can be useful even though you don't speak Czech fluently. Actually, that is an opportunity to improve it!  Contact them: E-mail :   Phone: +420 776 594 Skype, FB : Dobrovolnické centrum 67 There are many more ways to contribute to building Brno's wellbeing even though you don't have time or the right attitude for volunteering. Here are some tips: Blood donation in FN Brno: Donation of things you don't need anymore: Donation of clothes for homeless people: arma

Discover Brno online on 21.11.

 Did you miss our last online event Meet Brno online? Do not worry, you can participate in the second edition. We are organizing the online meeting on Saturday (21.11.) Are you new in Brno? Are you searching for a new opportunities what you can experience here? Join our online meeting. Are you wondering about useful information for newcomers about residence legislation, employment, business, education, healthcare and social insurance or housing? You will get original ideas what do do in Brno and where to meet people who are also new in Brno. You will hear about opportunities in NGO sector, how to organise your own projects and where to get money for them, find a motivation to be an active citizen or more about your future development.  If you would like to join our online meeting, register yourself: Before the meeting, you will recieve the link for online meeting. Looking forward to meet you!